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Waveform Media is a Bristol based media collective, specialising in audio and video content. Our experienced team of creatives all share a passion for music and the visual arts, working on projects for the likes of Sofar Sounds, Bradley Gunn Raver and Boomtown.

Waveform Media’s combined expertise enables us to offer a full range of music media production services for all your content needs.

We pride ourselves on working closely with artist, taking the necessary time to fully understand their artistic vision and aspirations.

What we offer

Whatever your needs – whether EP recording, photography or video production - we have the skills, equipment & experience to realise your vision to its full potential.

Music Videos

We work with you to conceptualise, shoot, and deliver an eye-catching music video with a strong narrative. Whatever your ideas, we help you take them from their infancy to a series of striking visuals to perfectly complement your sound.

Shot from a music video by Waveform Media

Promo Videos

A short promotional video is the perfect way to showcase your talents to prospective clients. They’re an excellent tool, especially, for function and wedding bands wanting to get noticed in a crowded market.

Shot from a promo video by Waveform Media

Session Videos

For live videos with added production value, a bespoke session video is an excellent choice. This enables you to have added control over the environment, visuals and, most importantly, the sound.

Shot from a session video by Waveform Media

Live Performance Videos

Live performance is where our roots lie. When shooting gigs, there’s just one chance to get it right. With a history of shooting in venues of varying difficulties across the world, we have learnt to adapt to any situation and guarantee results every time.

Shot from a live performance video by Waveform Media

Every project we work on is designed to your individual requirements. Want something we haven't listed here? Get in touch, we can probably do it!

Meet the Team

Waveform Media formed in 2017 in the vibrant city of Bristol to answer the apparent needs of local artists requiring quality video content. The team all met whilst working with Sofar Sounds Bristol, and set up Waveform Media as an opportunity to provide a more bespoke option for the huge variety of artists we had already been working with.

Max Inkster

Max is our in-house sound engineer. He’s been twiddling knobs and playing with boom mics for more than a decade. A musician himself with an eclectic taste, Max works closely with our clients to create incredible soundscapes that capture audiences’ attentions.

Jo Godfrey

Jo is the lead producer of the Waveform team. She is a creative all-rounder with skills in video production and coding. With a background in management of music and film events, she is the perfect choice to lead any creative project.

Fred Iles

Fred and Calum make up our core video production team. Our resident digital wizard, Fred specialises in creating slick animations and graphics. With a passion for budding musical talent, Fred is the perfect match for clients wanting to get seen and heard.

Calum Jelf

Calum is a skilled camera operator, video editor and producer. Having worked with Fred for almost a decade, together they are a formidable production team, capable of taking any project from conception to final cut.

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A new video series featuring insightful interviews and intimate performances from up-and-coming songwriters and musicians. Check out the full series on our youtube channel.

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For bookings, quotes and queries please get in touch for a no-obligation chat